You, O Lord, keep my lamp burning; my God turns my darkness into light. Psalms 18:28


Have you ever been in a pitch black room with no light source? We live out in the country with no street lamps or other outdoor light sources. On a moonless or a cloudy night when the lights are all out, it is so dark you can not see a hand in front of your face. Now I have lived in this house long enough to know where everything is – but one of those cloudy nights, if there is not a light on somewhere, I run into furniture. Or find the door to go from one room to another.

When I am in “my darkness” of life, it is like my house in so many ways. I do not know where things are. Things that seem so obvious in the light are no longer obvious. I go the wrong way. I can’t find my way. I get hurt because I trip over things.

Oh, what a difference just a little light makes. I can see the way to go. In fact, the way is obvious.

Jesus promises to “keep my lamp burning and to “turn my darkness into light.” He does not, however, promise how much light.

Enough to walk by faith, yes. Enough to learn to trust, yes. Enough to give me choice.

Today, now, this moment – will I walk in the light – His light or will I turn my back and walk towards the darkness?

Today I am grateful for:

  • my little white dog who likes to snuggle
  • my aunt who still lovingly calls me “kid” (even though I am 53)
  • beautiful red cardinal outside my window this morning
  • smiling babies
  • my Lord who turns my darkness into light.

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